10 Reasons why Your Car Is Vibrating

In the process of using a car for a long time, it is inevitable that the technical problems of the car will go down. One of the most common problems is the vibration of the car when in motion. This makes you uncomfortable and insecure when sitting in the car. Moreover, it also affects the safety and navigation features of the vehicle. So what causes this vibrating?

Here are 10 main causes of car vibrations.

1. Problems with damaged tires

Tires that are old, blistered, or worn are the cause of excessive vibration when the vehicle is in motion. Because the tire is the only part of your vehicle that is in contact with the road, it works in extremely harsh conditions, so the life of the tire is relatively short. Here are the main tire problems that cause vehicle vibration:

  • Tires cracked, split – requires a tire change
  • Irregular wear on the surface of the tire (still standard) – requires rotation, tire rotation
  • Tire is out of round, no longer rolls evenly – tire change required
  • Tire pressure too low – extra pump for tires
  • Tires are too old – change tires

2. Low Profile Tire or Low Rolling Resistance Tire

Low rolling resistance tires, also known as low profile tires, are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of hybrids and EVs (electric vehicles). These tires reduce drag, with the aim of increasing EPA fuel economy, which is an important measure of these vehicles, especially for marketing purposes. However, low profile/rolling resistance tires often do not absorb the road surface well, so it transmits the impact to the vehicle and the steering system causing a wobble and affecting the steering feel.

Many people like this tire because it looks classy and sporty. However, it is not really good if your car is not designed for this type of tire.

3. Wheel tire is distorted or badly damaged

Causes such as potholes, collisions cause damage to the wheels, causing your wheels to be distorted, cracked, etc.

If one or the wheels are damaged or misaligned, it will cause the wheel to lose its balance when turning, this imbalance affects the vehicle causing vibration. Worse, it also causes loss of navigation control, unsafety…

In case of severe damage, you can see it with your eyes. But for cases that cannot be observed, you need the assistance of a technician to check using a specialized machine to measure wheel vibration.

When the wheel is severely distorted, cracked, it is recommended that you replace the wheel with a new one.

4. Wheel or rim balance problems

Unbalanced wheels cause instability when turning, it causes unbalanced moments and centrifugal forces, causing the wheel to shake, lose stability, impact the body and cause vibration the car.

The best wheel balancing requires equipment and test computers to measure balance masses. You’ve probably seen the little pieces of metal attached to the wheels, that’s the pieces of the balance weight attached to.

Unbalanced wheels are a common cause of wheel shake. However, you cannot check it yourself, but need the help of garages, service shops with measuring equipment.

5. Problems of Steering system/power steering

If your car only vibrates, or feels a vibration in your hand when you steer, it is definitely caused by the steering system, loose links, loose, power steering problems.

It may be a leak of power steering oil, a damaged pump, or the racks, the bars are bent, the joints are too loose, etc. Thus, when you turn the steering wheel, which feels vibrations even on a flat road surface, Your best bet is to take your car to the garage and ask to have the steering checked.

6. Shaft and axle problem

Your vehicle is on the road, crossing obstacles that can cause damage to the axles. As a result, the axles of the posts, the axles, the semi-axles may be bent, the joints are distorted and cracked…

Because it transmits motion, transmits power from the engine to the wheel, so the cause of the shaft is unbalanced when rotating, creating oscillations that lead to vehicle shaking. Both active and passive axles are damaged causing this vibration.

7. Brake system problem

If the car vibrating when you apply the brake, it is most likely caused by the brake system.

Maybe the brake disc or brake drum is bent, cracked, distorted … or stuck in the brake pads. Or the brake pads have been worn out, when braking the metal plates press together, because it is not flat, it causes vibration.

8. Problems with the connection points of the engine to the chassis

The assemblies link the engine to the chassis, with brackets constructed of metal and rubber. If these connection assemblies are broken or damaged, it will lose the necessary elasticity, lose the connection between the engine and the body of the vehicle. Hence it causes very strong vibrations.

Please take the car to the garage quickly to repair and replace these connection assemblies to avoid damage to the engine, brackets, and body.

9. Engine problem

If strong vibrations come from the engine, then surely the engine on your car has a technical problem that needs to be fixed in time.

Causes of engine shaking a lot: one or several cylinders misfire; the intake system is clogged or the sensor is damaged; Caused by the crankshaft, the connecting rod may be bent, the engine is detonated…

When you notice that the car is vibrating from the engine, take the car to repair immediately, if it is mild, you only have to change a few spark plugs, or the air filter.

10. Suspension system problem

The suspension is the only link from the wheel to the body. It is a system that connects the body to the transmission, and is comfort.

When the suspension system malfunctions: broken springs, broken springs, damaged cushions, damaged dampers, etc., it will no longer be able to absorb vibrations from the road surface, and this damage itself also directly affects the body of car, causing your car vibrate violently.

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